My start with computers, a DEC PDP-11/34.

My start with computers, a DEC PDP-11/34.


I have tried to make it easy to find ethical hacking tools by listing them here.

Not sure what ethical hacking is? Get more information here.

Need a place to practice your ethical hacking skills? Try the Arizona Cyber Warfare Range!

Looking for Linux versions that come with much of the software listed here already installed? Try these distributions:

Kali Linux - Designed for penetration testing.

Caine Linux - Designed for digital forensic use.

If you find broken links, have suggestions for software that I should include,  or have any comments/updates/etc. on the information on this site, please contact me using the contact form.

I have not used all of this software and don't guarantee that it will work for you or your situation. Some of it is no longer being maintained and may not work on newer versions of operating systems. Use at your own risk and use ethically!