Scanning Tools

Advanced IP Scanner - finds network devices, shared folders, remote control of computers, and more. [Free - Windows]

Colasoft Packet Builder - enables building of custom network packets. [Free/Paid-Windows]

CurrPorts - displays a list of all TCP and UDP ports that are open on the computer. [Free-Windows]

The Dude - network monitor and mapping tools. [Free-Windows]

Friendly Pinger - Ping, traceroute, etc. in one program. [Free-Windows]

Global Network Inventory - agent-free software and hardware network inventory tool. [Paid-Windows]

Hping - packet assembler and analyzer. [Free-Linux, Windows, Mac]

MegaPing - contains multiple network scanners. [Paid-Windows]

Nessus - network vulnerability scanner. [Free Trial/Paid-Linux, Windows, Mac]

Netcat - reads and writes data across network connections. [Free-Linux, Windows, Mac]

NetScanTools - Tools used for network scanning. [Free/Paid-Windows]

Nmap/Zenmap - a utility used for network discovery and security auditing. [Free-Linux, Windows, Mac]

Proxifier - proxy server. [Free Trial/Paid-Windows, Mac]

Proxy Switcher - finds and connects to proxy servers. [Free/Free Trial/Paid-Windows]

Proxy Workbench - proxy server that allows display of all data flowing through it. [Free Trial/Paid-Windows]

Super Network Tunnel - HTTP client/server tunneling software. [Free Trial/Paid-Linux, Windows]

Tor - anonymizing system that uses encryption and proxy servers. [Free-Linux, Windows, Mac]